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About Us
Ihor, Marta and Severyn Barabakh are NY-based artists. Ihor has art degree from Lviv Institute of Applied Art and has been working as an oil painter. Severyn studied art in Parsons School of Design in NYC. His work includes pen and ink drawing and painting. Marta has been working primarily in 2-D mixed media. They often found themselves helping each other in numerous art projects. As they work together each of them like to experiment in different media. Working with the textile they saw possibility where each can incorporate their experience and express individuality during creative process. In 2005 they decided to create a line of unique one-of-a-kind hand made woman's clothing by combining different media painting and drawing. They were very impressed by appreciation that people  have for their work and they started to exhibit and sell them at the Art Shows throughout the country.
They won First Place Park Avenue Summer Art Fest 2012 Rochester, NY.

Each piece is individually hand painted using combination of different techniques including monotype and hand painting. Monotypes are essentially printed paintings. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike. The pattern aspect result from layering different colors in slow and controlled manner on smooth surface using textile dye. After each layer the fabric is pressed down to absorb the dye. The same process is repeated to apply another color, then dye is directly hand painted on the fabric. Color scheme are carefully selected for each peace. But what really makes our garments truly unique is the silk screened hand printed designs transferred from original pen and ink drawings. Artwork itself is very detailed and complex. Imagery is nature inspired but open to interpretation and lets the viewer express personal thought and feelings. Those two techniques are totally opposite in their effect: one is unpredictable freehand painting and the other is very detailed and precise drawing. Together they create interest from a distance but also hold fascination for those viewing the work closely. Materials used: 100% cotton, non-toxic water based ink and dye.

Artist statement
We are dedicated to create unique pieces of wearable art which are stylish and casual providing comfort, individuality and spiritual energy. The rich creativity and individual innovation in our work is highly inspirational and continues to reflect the importance of hand process, one-of-a-kind design against the increasing standardization of contemporary ready-to-wear clothing. We understand the growing need for individuals to be more conscious of theirs environmental foot print. All this years in our work we use non-toxic water based ink and dye, which not only produce superior prints because it penetrates the fabric, but also has lowest impact on our environment.

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